Shiatsu is an alternative form of traditional Japanese bodywork based upon pseudoscientific beliefs in ancient Chinese medicine including the concept of the yin and yang. Shiatsu is also known by the therapy of Five Elements. It stems from an old Japanese massage tradition called "anma". This massage technique employs both finger pressure and manipulation of the hands, elbows, wrists, shoulders, and feet to promote healing and relaxation.

Barefoot massage has been growing in popularity as a way to reduce pain and improve posture. Barefoot therapists believe that by applying a slight pressure to their feet, they can reach the fascia or the underlying connective tissues of the body. This allows the barefoot therapist to release the adhesions holding parts of the body in place. This massage is known for its ability to improve circulation, relieve stiffness, and reduce stress. Barefoot therapists can be said to help the nervous system heal by direct contact with the nerve endings.

Another variation of the atsu is the atsu kurabai, which means "finger pressure" or "finger brush technique." In this version of the ashiatsu massage, the massage therapist applies pressure to specific areas on the fingers using their fingertips. This treatment is sometimes referred to as a "developmental massaging" because it focuses on a particular muscle group, while simultaneously treating the whole body. (The kurabai is also sometimes referred to as a "sitting massage.")

These are two main styles. However, many spas have created their own methods. For example, some specialize in Swedish styles, which use long, gliding strokes to stimulate the muscles. Some others use shiatsu, an Asian style of energy flow therapy. This involves pressure on specific points along meridian points to open blocked chakras and remove blockages. You can use a variety of massage styles in combination with one another to provide a full therapeutic treatment.

The number of schools and therapists offering this ancient type of massage has increased as a result. Shiatsu is one of the most well-known forms. Shiatsu therapists use pressure points to manipulate the body the same way as a qualified acupuncturist. However, the key difference between the two is that the acupuncturist uses their hands to apply pressure to certain points. The shiatsu massage therapist, on the contrary, uses his or her hands to manipulate the tissue. Good therapists will know when to apply pressure, and when to not. This is why they should be able to perform the Shiatsu massage.

Swedish massage is another type. This type of massage involves the use of their hands to release the muscles' tension and to open up blood flow. This allows muscles relax and becomes more flexible. Swedish massages are very popular with athletes and anyone who needs to improve circulation.

A very different type of therapeutic massage is called barefoot massage. Barefoot massage is performed in saunas or hot rooms, in private homes or spas. This massage is popular for people who are new to massage but have never had it done in a formal setting. Barefoot massage works because the practitioner's feet do not touch the patient's skin, which reduces the risk of irritating sensitive skin. In addition, since the practitioner does not have to worry about lathering up with lotion or using towels to remove the mess, this massage is much more comfortable for the patient.

Aikiatsu is another type of massage that can be found in many types of spas and health centers. Ashiatsu, also known by acupressure, refers to the practice of applying pressure at specific acupoints to relieve tension and relax muscles. Many people feel that ashiatsu can be considered an art form and it is relaxing and very sensual. Shiatsu is the most common form of ashiatsu. There are many other types of ashiatsu. Shiatsu was developed in Japan. This form of ashiatsu is very similar to acupressure. The goal is to heal the whole body with massage, not pain relief.